Thrive Healthcare Academy is distinguished by our focus on individual attention. Our Nurse Instructors always go the extra mile to ensure our students are fully prepared to handle the responsibilities of being a Nursing Assistant.  All of our instructors have years of professional experience, both in teaching and in the nursing field.  We include an extra week of training that allows students to enhance their skills, practice for the state written exam, and learn about various job opportunities in the Virginia healthcare arena.  We are so confident our students will pass the state exam that we are paying 100% of the initial exam fee!   

The Thrive Healthcare Academy Program

Thrive Healthcare Academy, located in the City of Fairfax, combines classroom training and partners with a local medical facility to provide our students with hands on skills training and experience required to be successful. The 80 hours of classroom education is designed using a state recognized curriculum which includes basic nurse aide skills, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and infection control.  Tests are given throughout the course to ensure our students have successfully learned the information.  In addition, there are 40 hours of hands on training in a clinical setting giving our students the opportunity to build their skills, as well as their confidence to succeed.