Covid-19 Update

Our CNA Training school is open and accepting CNA students using mitigation strategies e.g., social distancing, cloth face coverings, hand hygiene etc.

100% PASS RATE IN 2019

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a rewarding and fulfilling career.  Caregiving is the fastest growing occupation in the United States with projections of 8 million job openings over the next 10 years!  Thrive Healthcare Academy can assist you in taking your first steps towards becoming a certified nursing assistant and a future in this rapidly growing healthcare field.

Our 5-week course will prepare you to take the Virginia State Exam to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and:

  • Work as a CNA in hospitals, senior communities, health care facilities, and private homes
  • Work in a medical or physician’s office
  • Build your skills, knowledge base, and confidence in this important stepping stone to another career in the healthcare field
cna training school
cna training school


Thrive Healthcare Academy is a CNA training school distinguished by our focus on individual attention. Our Nurse Instructors always go the extra mile to ensure our students are fully prepared to handle the responsibilities of being Nursing Assistant.  All our instructors have years of professional experience, both in teaching and in the nursing field.  We include an extra week of training that allows students to enhance their skills, practice for the state written exam, and learn about various job opportunities in the Virginia healthcare arena.      

Make a hands-on difference in the healthcare field

Obtaining your Nurse Aide Certification opens up a variety of job opportunities. As a CNA, you impact the lives of others by providing a professional helping hand, and enhancing people’s well-being. 

Whether your career goal is to become a CNA, or you would like to use your Nurse Aide Certificate as a stepping stone in your medical career, our school offers CNA classes that will prepare you to take and pass the state exam, a major milestone in the world of healthcare. 

How do I get Started?

Our application process begins with the following requirements:

  • Our candidates must be 18 years of age or older
  • Good written and verbal knowledge of the English language
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs
  • Pass a drug screen, and a criminal background check

If you meet these requirements, PLEASE FILL OUT and SUBMIT THE ON-LINE APPLICATION. 

You can also call to schedule a time to come in to fill out the application.